Clearance - Inspirations Issue 68

  • $8.00


Inspirations issue 68 has an abundance of gorgeous projects and exciting techniques, including an exquisite heirloom christening gown cover, a colourfully embroidered floral throw, an adorable elephant blanket and a fabulous contemporary blackwork cushion.

Featured Projects

'Inspirations Issue 68' features the following projects:

  • Starry Night by Alison Snepp
    Striking canvas work pouch
  • Magnolia by Trish Burr
    Thread painted magnolia with masterclass
  • Spring Sonnet by Anna Scott
    Superb floral throw with matching hot water bottle cover
  • Bonus Project by Louise Spriggs
    Floral silk sachet
  • Busy Bee by Anne Davies
    Gorgeous tassled scissor fob
  • Mementoes by Jenny Adin-Christie
    Charming rose and violet sachets
  • True Love by Susan O’Connor
    Stunning Christmas ornament
  • Old Gold by Jacquie Harvey
    Elegant curtain tie-back
  • Keepsake by Juile Graue
    Heirloom christening gown cover and coat hanger
  • Lavoro Novo by Bruna Scagnetti
    Fabulous contemporary blackwork cushion
  • Elephant Walk by Jan Kerton
    Adorable child's blanket
  • Bonus Project by Louise Spriggs
    Cosy baby hat