Reynolds Freezer Paper 12.19m X 381mm roll

Reynolds Freezer Paper 12.19m X 381mm roll

  • $18.90

Perfect for templates, stencils, appliqués and quilt patterns.


  1. DRAW design on paper side of freezer paper, cut out.
  2. PIN paper side of design to wrong side of fabric.
  3. CUT OUT fabric pieces with 3/16" extra fabric allowance around design. Cut 1/8" long slits in curved edges to easy fabric. Press seam allowance over edge of template. Remove pins.
  4. LIGHTLY ADHERE fabric pieces to material by pressing in place with a hot, dry iron. stitch fabric pieces to background material, leaving small area unstitched.
  5. PULL OUT Freezer Paper through unstitched area; stitch closed.

MAKE NON-SLIP STENCILS - Temporarily adhere the plastic side to fabric with hot, dry iron. Peel off stencil when paint dries.